Thank you very much to everyone who purchased a Gerridae during the sale! Every dollar counts and this will be greatly beneficial to the recovery process in Mexico City and elsewhere!

This Donation will be matched by Yper Sound! a Mexico city based Modular Synth store! Check them out!




The Gerridae floating LPG is on sale for $30 until October and with every purchase 5 dollars will be donated to Brigada de Rescate Topos, a volunteer rescue and aid group in Mexico who have been doing outstanding work alongside the city and everyone else helping out to save lives and help those in need here in Mexico who have been effected by the most recent 7.1 earthquake that hit on Tuesday, as well as the 8.1 that hit near Oaxaca earlier in the month.

more info on them here – http://topos.mx/index.php

All donations will be matched by  Yper Sound!  a modular synth store based out of Mexico City, click the link to check them out!

for more info on the Gerridae click here and to purchase go to the shop page here

The building in which my apartment and workspace where located in has been condemned due to structural damage sustained during the quake, so every purchase is greatly appreciated while we look for housing.