Pequeño Interruptor

Pequeño Interruptor

Expander module to be used with any modules that have extra settings available via jumpers on their back panel.

6 On/Off Switches for connection to many different modules.

Known compatibility:

Xaoc Batumi
4ms Rotating Clock Divider
Synthtech E350
God’s Box Humpback
Sonic Potions Mal-2 (speed range select only)
Eowave Zone B.F
Av500 ( Euclidian Circles

Mungo Modular Zoom expansion

And anything else that might have pcb jumpers for switching function!** 

Pcb Panel
14 mm deep, 21 mm with jumpers attached

price includes 30cm jumper cables

Available for purchase here

find it on modulargrid here


** is not responsible for any damage caused by this product and you are advised against connecting it to any power supply or power supply related jumpers in your system – aka make sure you know what your hooking this up to 🙂