Puertas (diy)

Puertas – 2hp expander for RYO Penta

(prototype/unreleased, diy)

Gate output expander for RYO Penta

provides a gate high output per each step, as well as a hold function


note: this was an early work and could use refinement.


Modular Grid

PCB and Schematic available here

RYO Penta build manual here
(with information about making an expander on page 12)

Minor Issues:

A small oversight when planning, connections on Penta are 1mm apart, requiring jumpers to be soldered directly on, or small format jumper pins to be added

Panel :
attempted to have jacks align somewhat with the Penta, however the pcb  cuts it pretty close to the rails (atleast in my system). could use some minor adjustment, however there should still be a few mm of clearence.